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Our Motto "Bail Before Jail"




Who Are We?


We are a caring and professional Michigan Bail Bonds Service. Our professional bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have a Detroit Bail Bond Office, a Port Huron Bail Bond Location, and a Lapeer Bail Bond Location. Always call (810) 987-7909 .


Our agents at Banks Bail Bonds will help the defendant and family endure an already challenging situation. All of our bondsmen are licensed, expertly trained and highly professional.


With our network of bail bond agents, we can immediately service any court, anywhere in Michigan. When someone is detained, the bail bonds process may be confusing and frustrating.  We're here to help you. 




It's Insurance for your Freedom


It's better to have the Banks Bail Bonds app than to get caught without it. No one plans on getting in trouble with the law, but it happens. You don't plan on getting into a car accident, but you still have car insurance for just-in-case protection.


Criminals target good people, and could easily steal your identity, committing crimes in your name. In most cases, you probably wouldn't know until it was too late. Once you're arrested, your phone is confiscated, meaning no one may know you're in jail. If you do remember the number of family and friends, most don't accept collect calls. This is why you need our free app. It's the app that gets you out of jail.



Once downloaded and armed, you push the button and we are on our way to get you out of jail!

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Our Services

Banks Bail Bonds is ready to serve you with quality customer care. We provide bonds for any amount you need. We can furnish any size bail bond and will work with you to get the bond approved. No bond is too small or too large. We will post small bonds for a traffic citation and criminal cases. We also do expungements, and Job placement for Felons.


We have experience with writing large bail bonds and can help you through the process of posting collateral for a large bond quickly and courteously. We Will Always Help You Finance A Bails Bond. Are you short on cash and need bail money? We know it’s difficult to raise money, especially during the night when you are least expecting an arrest. Leave it to Banks Bail Bonds to solve your financial bail needs. If you have a job we can help. Bad credit is not a problem. Ask for Special Discounts.


We will work each bail bond on the merits of the case. Banks Bail Bonds offers many payment options if you do not have funds to pay the entire amount now. We accept major credit cards and payment services including, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express and. Call us and we can assist you with a variety of payment options. Banks Bail Bonds offers many payment options. We are not just a Detroit Bail Bonds agency, we have several locations servicing the entire Michigan area.

our services


We will always have your back.

As Bail Bonds in Detroit continues its grand resurgence efforts, entrepreneur, Krystal Banks promises to be standing right on the front lines. We know it is hard to find a good Bail Bondsman in Detroit.


In 2009, Krystal launched her flagship business, Banks Bail Bonds and set a record as the only African-American, female property bail bondsman in the state of Michigan. 


Located on Woodward Avenue in the heart of downtown Detroit, Banks Bail Bonds prides itself on providing a quality service to those in the metropolitan Detroit area who need financial assistance. Our Detroit Bail Bonds agency looks forward to assisting you.One call to Banks Bail Bonds guarantees a speedy release and no future hidden agendas or interest fees.


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Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates

Banks Bail Bonds would like to acknowledge our partner companies.


Calvert Bail Bonds

Calvert Bail Bonds provides you with prompt, reliable advice and affordable priced bail bonds. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day. We know this can be a confusing time - we are happy to provide you with free information and answer for your questions.

CALL (810) 985-0093


Banks Services


Provides accounting, new business set-up, court filings, secretary services, dictation, courier, and any other business services that you and your company may require. Please give us a call and see how our business can help your business grow!

CALL (810) 987-7909


Banks Bail Bonds


Banks Bail Bonds



T: (866)740-BOND(2663)
P: (810)987-7909
F: (888)783-8594


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Banks Bail Bonds. Agency locations: Detroit Bail Bonds-Lapeer Bail Bonds-Port Huron Bail Bonds

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